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Convert PowerPoint to Asynchronous Learning

  • PowerPoint conversion to video

  • PowerPoint conversion to interactive learning content

  • PowerPoint conversion to interactive learning content with interactive questions

  • PowerPoint conversion to scenario cards


  • Video conversion (English to Canadian French)

  • Articulate Storyline conversion (English to Canadian French)

  • Animation conversion (English to Canadian French)

Graphic Design

  • Character design for learning content

  • Illustrations for learning content


  • Animation for learning content

Digital Learning Development

  • Articulate Storyline

    • Template design

    • Project updates

    • Project development

  • Articulate Rise

    • Template design

    • Project updates

    • Project development

  • Microlearning Cards

  • Digital interactive refresher cards

  • Digital interactive refresher question cards

  • Explainer Videos

    • Short animated explainer videos to simplify complex concepts

    • Short animated explainer videos with interactive questions

Digital Course Development

  • Learning Strategy: Analyze learning needs and design learning approaches

  • Instructional Design: Analyze learning requirements and design curriculum (learning objectives, course content, instructional materials)

  • eLearning Development: Design and develop learning content in Articulate Storyline and Rise

  • Publish Learning for Online: Publish SCORM package for LMS

Voiceover Narration Services

  • Human Voice Artists

    • Record voiceover narration in English and/or Canadian French

  • AI Voiceover

    • Voice cloning for project updates

    • Voice generation (English/Canadian French)

Closed Captioning

  • Closed captioning for video

  • Closed captioning for Storyline

Training Services

  • Articulate Storyline

  • Articulate Rise

 Content Repurposing

  • Infographics: Summarize key points and concepts visually

  • Microlearning segments: Restructure larger content into smaller, more manageable microlearning modules


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